Newest pictures - taken 11-21

I'll admit right now that I probably will not be taking pictures of the chickens very regularly anymore. For one thing they don't change a whole lot at this point. Also they don't exactly pose and being next to my feet isn't really an ideal photo op.

First of all I wanted to share this picture of the ramp that Jake made. He didn't make 100% of it but we had this old board (used to be the sides of the part of a grain truck where the grain goes) and he helped me cut those strips (from some old molding or something) and then he nailed the strips on for treads. He did a great job. You can also see, in the foreground, that Cosmo is doing "the dance" to a hen but I made him stop. I read that it's a good idea not to allow them to jump the hens when a human is close by because of dominance or something. I just went near him and he quit. Also you can see my "alien hat" on the waterer. This is made from a flowerpot, a funnel, and many yards of foil tape and is to keep the chickens from roosting on top of the waterer. It just sits on top and even the wind doesn't blow it off, so it's easy to take off when I need to fill the water. And yes, the water looks gross. I refilled it and cleaned it out right after this but they pretty much fling dirt in there within 5 minutes after I put the cleaned out waterer in the pen.

And the rest of the pics: