Chicks on July 7th

For some reason I hardly took any pictures this time. I think it's because I was trying to determine whether or not Cosmo was really a boy and took several pictures of him and the other two easter eggers for comparison (by the way it is almost nearly confirmed he's a boy-there's probably a slim chance he isn't but pretty much all signs point to rooster).




One of the australorps (as yet unnamed)


chicks on June 27th

Here are some pictures I took on the 27th of June-they were about 5 weeks old here. It's nearly impossible to get clear pics of them now. They never sit still.

This is our little rooster, Cosmo.

Here they are in their newly bedded coop-we switched from wood pellets to sand and it's so much easier to keep clean!

This was the first time I'd seen any on the roost. That first picture cracks me up-it looks like she's really having trouble balancing up there.


Chickens - June 22 and 23

I've gotten a little (or a lot) behind blogging. I don't want to post all the pictures at once so I'll try to do a couple of days' worth at a time. I don't take pictures every day so it shouldn't take long to get caught up. So anyway, on the 22nd, when the chicks were about 4 weeks old, we got the run secured and opened the door. Not much happened that day:

Yep, they just looked out the door. Pretty scary for a chick that's lived its entire life in a box or a small coop.

The next day we tried again. At first it was the same:

So we resorted to a little bribery (Jake's hand with food in it):

And a couple of brave souls ventured out:

Only for a few minutes and they hightailed it back in-but it was a start!

The next set of pictures are from June 27th. I'll post those tomorrow or the next day.