Chickens - June 22 and 23

I've gotten a little (or a lot) behind blogging. I don't want to post all the pictures at once so I'll try to do a couple of days' worth at a time. I don't take pictures every day so it shouldn't take long to get caught up. So anyway, on the 22nd, when the chicks were about 4 weeks old, we got the run secured and opened the door. Not much happened that day:

Yep, they just looked out the door. Pretty scary for a chick that's lived its entire life in a box or a small coop.

The next day we tried again. At first it was the same:

So we resorted to a little bribery (Jake's hand with food in it):

And a couple of brave souls ventured out:

Only for a few minutes and they hightailed it back in-but it was a start!

The next set of pictures are from June 27th. I'll post those tomorrow or the next day.

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  1. Awwww, what fuzzy wittle chickens! I can't wait until ours hatch. Crossing fingers that something hatches at least...