Chicks on July 15th

Unlike the last post, where I took hardly any pictures, this time I took too many. I weeded out a few but still have a lot. So here goes.

Cosmo-our rooster

Cosmo again. He's a ham.

This is Stella. Our freakiest looking chicken.

Pretty gold comet chick.

Our two gold comet chicks (on the right) are usually together-they're pals. So of course I have to keep both because I can't separate them. (We can't tell them apart yet-all I know is one is Alice and one is Belle.)

Stella with one of the gold chicks.

Juliet, cuddling with Cosmo.

Stella again. She's pretty in her own freaky way.


  1. WoW! I miss my baby chicks but it's so cool to watch them grow. Thanks for all the pictures, Gale! Btw, I really like Stella. I think she looks so cool. :-D

  2. Oh Gale...they are all so beautiful!! I love the colors of your coop. Know why? Mine is the same shade of blue!! Although mine has chocolate brown trim. As for Belle and Alice. I don't know if it's still tricky telling them apart, but what I did for my girls since they are all 3 buff orpington's, is I put colored zip ties on the ankle of two of them. It works like a charm and the henny's think they are pretty bracelets. Maybe you could get one for either Alice or Belle. You can see pictures of them over at my place.

    Also, you inspired me to create a cute header on my blog! Go look at mine. You were my ❤inspiration❤!!


  3. Hey, that picture of "your freakest looking chicken" do you know what it is? I have one that looks like it and I have know clue what breed it is of it's a mutt.

  4. @KnittingKnutty-that freaky bird is an Easter Egger. Which is basically a mutt. They are usually bred from Americaunas and some unknown breed. If you buy "Americaunas" from a hatchery, chances are good you'll get an Easter Egger. I think there's only one hatchery that sells the purebred Americaunas (and I'm not sure who that is) or you can get them from breeders. Easter Egger mutts are fine for us. :)