5 days old

I think they're 5 days old now. They could be 6 days. So I took some pics to show how much they've grown. These are not the best pictures-chicks aren't very cooperative. But you can see how much their wing feathers have grown!

An Americauna chick. She has been dubbed "Juliet" by Jenny. We haven't named any others yet but this one is unique so it's easy to tell her from the other two Americaunas.

The dark ones are Americaunas. The others are sex links. I think the one with the darker patch on her head is a Red Star and the other is a Gold Comet. Or maybe it's the other way around.

It was pretty hot today. This is with no heat lamp on.

The black ones on the left are Black Australorps. The others are sex links. You can see that they're panting. Poor things.

Tomorrow I will post before and after pictures of the coop. When we bought it, it was tan with brownish red trim. We painted it and it is much brighter now.

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